Bach's Return


The theme was already there for Lady Bach, The dress was stunningly beautiful…It just needed a story to bring it to life. 

 Marjorie Taylor of the The Velvet Edge Boutique here in Eugene, designed and pieced together the Bach dress out of carefully treated and aged sheet music, one of the many steps involved.

Although the project was more about Lady Bach, I still needed to know about Bach himself.


I began to dig around in his life. I wanted to learn about him, who he was, his private life mostly. What drove him, who loved him.

I watched endless documentaries on him and his life. I read interesting bits in articles and listened to his work, by the shoot date I was head over heals in love with the project and inspired by all he had accomplished. 

With  deep old world tones in mind, I started work on the scene immediately. I wanted full control over how each color communicated with the other. Based off the color of the dress. I settled on deep, dusty blues to help balance the rest of the image, mixed with the natural light, the scene gave off an ethereal feeling.

Once settling on the blues, Instantly knew how I was going to portray them. Vincent Van Gogh, would be the avenue I world go down in getting the background painted. I love his work and the way he portrayed the world he experienced within that realm. I had some knowledge on how to emulate the strokes as they didn’t need to be exact, I only wanted elements of his technique. The wall and the couch were painted in the same style. I decided,  unique empty frames for  the wall, break up the negative space and add depth to the background. Along side that, I also crafted a make shift music book,color matched to the frames on the wall to help tie the subjects and background together. They would also be flying around in the scene later on.

I like mentioned earlier Lady Bach was the main subject, I needed to finish the story with her and have Bach himself as support for the scene to add depth to the story. 

Telling a story is easy, telling a story visually can be tricky. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters, is whether the story was told at all and that can change the course of everything.