Queen of Hearts

For the Queen of Hearts project, I didn’t come up with the concept for the dress. It was already made. However often times I do make my own dresses or whatever is needed for a project. I just needed to build a story around it. I discovered it in a window shop downtown one evening a couple of years ago here in Eugene.

As it turned out Marjorie Taylor of Velvet edge was the designer and store co-owner.

I didn’t know her or anything about the dress, I just knew I wanted to have a shot at creating something with it.

After a couple meetings we were on our way, I began the legwork and research almost immediately.

I wanted a beautiful fantasy image of this dress and there is nothing that goes better with the Queen of Hearts than rose petals and playing cards,

I loved the look of the two of them mixed together against a dark background.

The walls were painted black with an old world look to them. I used the corner of my studio to build in using the lines to draw the eye to the subject.

While working on the walls, I started a collection of frames to be painted black and later dusted with blue, from the community.

 (The community is a wonderful resource for reusing and recycling of props and supplies.)

I knew with working in the corner I would have an upward advantage through the lens for placing the frames.

The frames were painted and hung, keeping in mind the angle I would be shooting at.

The lighting for this shot would be very directional, I wanted to continue to isolate the subject without detaching her from the background.

Fog (atmosphere) was the answer, mixed with the flying rose petals under the light would tie everything together and make the final piece longingly beautiful.

For the makeup and hair, I wanted it to be very Disney and fantasy. 

I have always loved any version of the Queen of Hearts.

She is such a magical and important character in a world were it seems fantasy is an after thought…it is an honor to have brought a version of her to life.

She is dear to me and the protector of the broken hearted in my opinion. 

The Queen, went to to be published in several publications and ultimately was the cover of the Eugene Weekly.