The Mermaid Heist

Mermaid Heist

  It doesn’t matter what you do in the creative world. There’s going to be some trouser stain that’s gonna talk negatively about you and your work. They will negate your work, think they can do a better job, gossip to others about your technique, try to tear you down, insult you in front of others and even behind your back.They will belittle you, hell some are even going to tell you, you are not good enough and that, they or someone else can do it better for whatever reason. “You’re boring ,” “You’ll never get anywhere with that portfolio” “Who do you think you are?” “That’s been done” “You’re a nobody” …just to name a few.

  I’ve personally had people tell me I should put my camera down, find a new line of work, I’m only adding to the negativity, I am racist, I’m a thief, tell me I am a disservice to others… the list goes on and on. I’m not spouting off my personal experiences to be stroked on the net for sure. What I am saying is this, at the end of the day we cannot listen to these voices, they are not of a reasonable nature. We have a duty to answer to a higher power in the realm of creativity, a calling that supersedes the pettiness of fools and look a likes.

  You have to be willing tell critics to fuck right off. Don’t just say it though, you have to show it, by following your own path and blazing your own trail, with no consideration to the smut around you trying to get in your kool-aid. That path isn't easy, I’m not saying it is. In fact its kinda of lonely and hard at times however it is better than the alternative.

  You have to be willing to hold your head up high no matter what and be proud of who you are and what you do. It does not and should not matter, what others think about YOU or YOUR WORK and if it does, that is an indicator that something is wrong. If you’re happy with what you do that’s ALL that matters, the rest will fall into place. The minute you give in and take some shit to heart with some “psycho babble bullshit” some “jack off know it all” is spouting off, you have lost the battle. 

The world needs strong artists and a lot of them, creatives who want to empower others and sincerely want the best for each other. We need to teach strength, camaraderie and sincerity and how to have it show up in each others lives. Sound complicated? It’s really not at all, its one of the most decent things we can do for one another.