2012 “Project Censored" - Eugene Weekly Cover Nov.21st

2014 “ Match Made in Hell” Full Feature,Print Issue 36 Sept 14th

2014  “ Alone out there Print w/ article  Eugene Weekly Cover Jan 23rd

2014  “ Stag Queen” Dark Angel Print w/ article Eugene Weekly Cover Sept. 14th

2015  “Abuse Issue” HoneySuckle Magazine 0nline, Arts & Culture w/article May 20th

2015  “Vicious Lush” Online, Dark Beauty Magazine Au.15th

2015 “ Dragged through the Mud” Print w/ article May 29th

2015  “ Drowning” Issue 49 Full feature, Dark Beauty Magazine Oct 14th Print w/Interview

2016  “Big Love” Print w/ article Eugene Weekly Cover Feb 11th

2016  “Rape in the Military” Honeysuckle Magazine, Online, March 8th w/article

2016 “ Surprise fat people like to have sex too.” Honeysuckle Magazine, online, Mar.9th

2016  “ Jane”  Honeysuckle Magazine, w/article, Online March 11th

2016 “ Abuse Issue” Honeysuckle Magazine, online, w/article March 22nd “ Catrina”

2016  “Winter Wonderland, Winter Edition, Print  Avari Magazine, Full feature w/cover

2016  “Savage”  Spring Edition, Full Feature, Prolific Quarterly Print, May 17th,

2016  “Spin City” Eugene Weekly Dance Issue Sept. 8th

2016 Honeysuckle Magazine “Queen of Hearts” Sep. 24th

2016 Honeysuckle Magazine “Lady Bach” Oct. 14th